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There are two different modes of ZTNA in FortiOS. One is IP/MAC based filtering and the other one full ZTNA via a “access-proxy”. To create a full ZTNA configuration with FortiOS 7.x the following steps are required:

EMS/FortiClient Configuration

Configure the wanted certificate and define the external FQDN from which the EMS Server is reachable:

Certificate and proxy configuration

Enable ZTNA on the Endpoint Profile:

Enable ZTNA

Define the ZTNA tagging rules. Very complex rules can be created. To showcase this, just basic text file checks are being used:

Define Tagging Rule Set

Create ZTNA connection rules on FortiClient:

Create FortiZTNA Connection Rules

FortiGate configuration

Configure the firewall access-proxy:

ASSDWANDEMO-FGT-A # config firewall access-proxy
ASSDWANDEMO-FGT-A (access-proxy) # edit "Webserver"
config firewall access-proxy
    edit "Webserver"
        set vip "Webserver"
        set client-cert enable
        config api-gateway
            edit 1
                set service http
                config realservers
                    edit 1
                        set ip
                        set port 80

Configure the ZTNA rule on FGT:

ASSDWANDEMO-FGT-A # config firewall proxy-policy
ASSDWANDEMO-FGT-A (proxy-policy) # edit "1"
config firewall proxy-policy
    edit 1
        set uuid e646e97a-1593-51ec-9a8d-30f8307a8a47
        set name "Web-Access"
        set proxy access-proxy
        set access-proxy "Webserver"
        set srcintf "port1"
        set srcaddr "all"
        set dstaddr "all"
        set ztna-ems-tag "FCTEMS8821005827_secure"
        set action accept
        set schedule "always"
        set logtraffic all

Check if the ZTNA tags are being synchronized:

ZTNA Tag synchronization
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